Consumption opportunities save money, time and worry, and have additional benefits
ZJLETAO, the enjoyment of buying -- a shopping housekeeper that no one refuses

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    Accommodate all popular
    shopping website ports,
    and have a more superior
    cooperation policy

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    There are many kinds of high-quality products, and all kinds of purchase forms are fully satisfied.

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    worry free

    Express delivery, education, payment... Many convenience projects are easily handled

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    Support cash on delivery, and you can return and exchange goods at the store on the spot ("second return")

  • Multiple

    Multi income ordinary members, VIPs, purchasing agents, distribute profits layer by layer

Originated in 2011, the earliest in China; Financing of nearly 100 million yuan, recognized by the authority
Successfully operated 10000 terminal stores

  • Just needed in the consumption era

  • Profit space of the whole line

  • Software

  • Standardized unified operation

  • advantage 01

    Just needed in the consumption era

    The franchise filing enterprise has successfully operated for nearly ten years, and the number of stores has exceeded 10000

  • advantage 02

    Profit space of the whole line

    With guaranteed profits, global direct supply of goods, smart container revenue generation, gold resource integration

  • advantage 03

    Software and hardware

    Independent research and development, focus on the interests of consumers and investors, second to none in terms of safety and leadership

  • advantage 04

    Standardized unified operation

    ZJLETAO adopts a standardized chain operation mode, unified procurement, unified management, unified customer service, and unified brand operation services to ensure worry free operation.

It has tens of thousands of physical stores with annual sales of hundreds of millions of yuan
We have established good cooperative relations with dozens of websites, hundreds of brands and tens of thousands of online stores

  • Union convenience store

    Abiao computer cooperation Store

    Dingxiang life guide store

    Yuxian store

  • Union convenience store

    Abiao computer cooperation Store

    Dingxiang life guide store

    Yuxian store

ZJLETAO is an official o2o partner of 33 mainstream e-commerce companies,including Taobao,,Suning,Dangdang, Amazon,store 1,Jumei premium products,and mushroom street

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